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Veneer or solid wood construction
Here veneer humidors have the advantage that the internal MDF will expand less with an increase in humidity. Thus, fewer tensions in the inside of the humidor will develop – tensions which might otherwise lead to cracks and deformations in the humidor’s l... View More>>
Use of humidifier
The humidifier is composed of flower mud from an environmentally-friendly plastic shell box that absorbs moisture from the moisture box. There is no need to break the humidifier. Just throw the humidifier into pure water and soak for about 1 minute (or... View More>>
Use of hygrometer
The traditional hygrometer is shown by the hair induction test, and the error will be relatively large. The hygrometer has been tested and calibrated before shipment. It does not need to be calibrated after receipt. It can be fixed in the corresponding po... View More>>
How to use the humidor?
1. Remove the humidifier from the humidor. Pls note: Do not add water to the humidifier in the humidor to avoid wetting the humidor. 2. Add distilled water or cigar maintenance liquid to the humidifier. Pls Note: Pls do not add t... View More>>
The ideal storage condition for cigars
A temperature of 64-70℉(18-21℃) is considered ideal. Inside the humidor cigars should be stored at a relative humidity of approximately 68-74%.... View More>>
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